Rent Shield

Do you want the security of knowing that you will receive the FULL rental payment amount regardless of if the tenant has paid rent at the beginning of every month? If so, this program may be for you. 如果租客长期拖欠房租或者根本不付房租12bet官方就得在法庭上追究他们, 联合物业将保证您每月的租金收入,第一次分配.

Loss of rental income to your investment property due to a non-paying tenant can be difficult hardship for many landlords to endure. 作为全方位服务住宅物业管理的领导者, 联合物业将不遗余力地筛选并将您的物业出租给可靠和负责任的租户; however, unforeseen life circumstances can impact even the best tenants’ ability to make their monthly rent payment at any time. 为您提供其他物业管理公司无法提供的保障和保障, we are proud to offer the Rent Shield.

For clients enrolled in the Rent Shield, 联合地产公司会支付你未付的租金, up to, 但不得超过现有租客租约所订明的两个月租金.

Affordable Rates:

Enrollment in the Rent Collection Guarantee is permitted for United Properties placed tenants or after 6 months of management for non-United Properties placed tenants.

有关此附加服务的详细信息, 并充分利用12bet官方为您的租赁财产提供的保护, call us today at 616-965-2300.

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如果你想了解更多12bet官方的物业以及与联合物业合作的情况, get in touch. 12bet官方很乐意多谈谈12bet官方的出租房产, our application requirements, and our leasing process.


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